We decided to do a smaller trial-size package for the curious!

Each package has 6 units, for a total of 3 pairs


What a fantastic way to see what look YOU like best!  

Empower yourself, love your new body!


In this we have put together 3 styles, in 3 different sizes designed for medium-darker skin tones:

REBECCA L is a mid-tone large size that surprisingly tends to look great on smaller size breasts, we do see all sizes!

NICOLE, our darkest style and has white highlights in a medium size,

JAY is our petite style with a soft edge


30 seconds to wholeness


All NIPPLEBACKS are printed on a transparent background so that your natural skin tone shows through for a fitting look on pretty much anyone. 


* Some colours and styles will work better with you than others, and thats why we have a huge variety.  

* All ingredients are FDA approved and NIPPLEBACKS are safe for use on anyone once the initial wound site is closed.

* Normal wear expectation is 5-10 days, but some buyers enjoy up to 30 days of wear with careful washing and light powdering.

* NIPPLEBACKS can be easily removed after a shower, or with use of hand sanitizer or eucalyptus oil

6-Pack Dark

  • There are absolutely no refunds or returns on these intimate items, so please make sure you choose a style you like and remain open minded as they all look better on the body than they do on paper.

    You don't know til you try them on!!!

  • All orders will go out USPS first class tracked shipping.  We only charge the minimum price of tracked shipping and we absorb the cost if it is more than 4.05.  We pay for the envelopes and time, we only ask that you cover the majority of USPS fees.

    You will be emailed a tracking number to the email associated with your original order.  We are a small business and do all of this manually, we are not a store or a warehouse, so we go through all orders each monday.

    Thank you for your patience and we hope you love them as much as we do!!