Temporary 3D Nipple Tattoos

For Breast Cancer Survivors

30 seconds to wholeness!

- Safe to use on healed scars
- Lasts for a week
- Hyper-Realistic Artistry  
Semi-Transparent background, they work well with all skin tones.
Originally created by a professional tattoo artist who also lost her breasts. 
Check back often for new styles...

Warning -

Fake Nipples!!!

Only Click if you are over 18!

Our artistic renditions of the Nipple/Areola complex are often flagged and we get in big trouble for sharing images of a life-giving body part that EVERYONE has, even children and pets.  

Losing your breasts is one of the most challenging life events to endure.  Survivors must separate the mind-body-spirit connection that women work so hard to develop.
We designed the perfect product to help to reconnect with a changed body!  Wear for a week or longer, they endure 3 showers, or more with light cleaning and powder. 
All Ingredients are FDA approved and safe for use during and after treatment and therapy.
If you are facing a mastectomy, don't fo


If you have an excellent pre-surgery photo of you nipple/areola complex, our design team can recreate the illusion of your very own nipples.  OR, we can create a brand new design to your specifications.

A lifelong supply of your very own NAC is $1500USD